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05 Jan 11 How To Install and Run Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS 3.0) on Windows 7 x64/x86

One fine day I decided to learn sharepoint and do some development Very first issue I had was installing sharepoint on windows 7. I had windows 7 professional 64 bit OS, After 30-40 minutes reasearch I was able to install sharepoint services on Windows 7 successfully. You should atleast have Microsoft SQLExpress installed before installing sharepoint, I used Sql Server 2008. Even though I didn’t try but I believe and think you should be able to install MOSS 2007 using same instructions (this needs sql server 2008 version).

Here is step by step guide to get SharePoint development environment (WSS 3.0) installed, up and running on Windows 7. I assume you have Visual Studio and atleast Sql Express already installed. My laptop has 64 bit architecture and I believe, even though not sure, WSS installation should also work on 32 bit Windows 7 in the way as described below for x64.

1. Download Sharepoint on Vista Installation Helper File provided by Bamboo Nation, this is actual installation helper file

2. Download Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 with service pack 2 from Microsoft – click here for 32 bit version and click here for 64 bit version

3. Now you need to disable/trun off Application Compatibility Engine manually because this will prevent WSS installation, you can get the step by step instruction to do this from here (make sure you reset this after successfully installing WSS)

4. Now unzip the Helper (what you get in step 1) and then run the setup helper wssVista.msi file, you will get step by step instruction from this point onwards here in Bamboo Nation (scroll down until you see first picture).

  • Make sure you follow IIS configuration instruction carefully and check all the option as displayed in picture there.
  • After running the Configuration wizard I got one more screen which is missing in that instruction and here is that, which asked to restart some services during configuration.
  • When you enter database information and planning to use MS Sql server 2008 then make sure you enter correct database server name. If you didn’t change the sql server instance during sql installation and used MSSQLSERVER then you should enter just the machine name otherwise machine name\sql instance name.

And at last you will get successfully installation message like I got.

5. Now after successfull installation check for following things otherwise you will not see Create or Extend Website link (and some other links as well) in SharePoint Web Application Management section under Central Administration->Application Management

Your Central Administration Link should be in Intranet Zone, to do this go to IE internet options and add your sharepoint’s central administration link in Intranet

And you should start IE with “Run as Administrator” option, to do this best is create another shortcut of IE which you can use just for sharepoint. Right Click on IE’s that shortcut and click on properties, in properties window go to “Advanced” and check “run as administrator” option (other option “Run in separate memory space” will already be checked) - make sure both available options are checked. Click Ok.

Now when you open sharepoint’s central administration from this shortcut you will see “Create or Extend Website” link in SharePoint Web Application Management section under Central Administration->Application Management, it took me a while to figure this out.