How To Add your Blog’s Feed into Your Orkut’s Profile

Do you know now you can add your blog’s feed directly into your orkut’s profile, if you don’t have blog then you can add your favorite blog’s feed into it. steps Adding a feed is easy and simple. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Login into your account and then click on home to make sure you are at your home page

2. On your left you will see orkut’s navigation menu, click the “edit feed” option (the one with green arrow in the picture), it will take you to different page

3. Here you will see different options viz. adding photos from flicker or blog from blogger or wordpress. This page will also have option to sign-up for the blogger account. Now type the RSS or atom feed of your blog into box (see in picture: my blog’s rss feed is typed in box) and then click on Add. That’s it! you will see your blog name with feed link under my feed at bottom of same page.

4. Now go back to your home page and you will see that blog is listed in the same navigation menu. If you click on that you will see all your posts in the orkut itself (Number of posts and post detail depends how you have setup your blog’s feed in the blog configuration).

So next time, if anyone visit your profile he may also like to have a look into you blog or feed. You can remove a feed from my feed by simply clicking remove button infront of desired feed.


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