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18 May 09 ASP.NET 3.5 and IIS

One fine day I decided to check, “how AJAX works with ASP.NET?” So first thing IÂ did was to check my framework version. I had 1.1 installed with VS 2005 in my laptop. My option was either install old framework 2.0 and AJAX extension 1.0 or go for 3.5. Like many others I too had doubt if Framework can work with VS 2005 or it needs VS 2008.

Good news is Yes it will but with some compromise and that is LinQ technologies introduced in .Net 3.5 rely on explicit compiler-level support and required LinQ aware compilers are available only in Visual Studio 2008 not in VS 2005. Apart from LinQ, Visual Studio 2005 does not have access to various new projects, file templates and tools that support the new version of the framework.  However we can still use framework 3.5 using VS 2005 but we (developers) may need to do little more coding if using Visual Studio 2005 than Visual Studio 2008.

I downloaded framework 3.5 and installed on my laptop, just to make sure it’s installed and available to use, I checked IIS. And it was surprise not to see framework version 3.5 option in ASP.NET version Tab in IIS. So first thing I tried was manually registering the framework but still no luck.

So I started to find out What exactly is ASP.NET 3.5 ?
I checked v3.5 folder and find that some files are missing viz aspnet_regiis.exe, aspnet_isapi.dll, aspnet_filter.dll, aspnet_regsql.exe and these are the files needed for ASP.NET to run for any particular version. After some more research I came to know that .NET 3.5 is not a stand alone framework like v2.0 or v1.1. Infact it’s just an extension of the 2.0 framework.

That’s why I was not able to see that in version drop down under ASP.NET tab in IIS. That means for IIS actually nothing is changed. In nutshell, yes we can use framework version 3.5 with VS 2005 but with some limitation and inspite of this still we will be using framework version 2.0 in IIS.

Now next step for me is to run VS2005 and create one test application to implement AJAX features.