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21 Jun 09 Indic Language Plugin For Comments

A simple plugin which enables comment box to display comments in Indic Languages. When readers/visitors write comments in Roman/English script this plugin automatically converts roman text into default Indian Script selected in the plugin’s options page. This plugin does use google transliteration API. Reader/Visitors can also use Ctrl + G to toggle between english and selected Indian language.

This is my first attempt to create a wordpress plugin. Following Indic languages are supported by this plugin:

    1. Hindi
    2. Tamil
    3. Telugu
    4. Kannada
    5. Malayalam
    6. Arabic

Download and Install

Download the latest release from Plugins Directory.

    1. After downloading Unzip the file
    2. Upload “IndicLangComment.php” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory
    3. Activate plugin via ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Usage and Live Demo

After login go to Comments -> Indic Language Comment Options and then set the options. Options screen looks like this -

What You can do

1. Either you can set one default language, so whenever some type in comment box, that text will convert into that selected language.
2. This plugin allows you to show toggle button to your reader
3. Plugin has option to show multiple languages in toggle button, you can get this by selecting YES to advance use.
4. To show Toggle Button in your comment form, you need to copy the code given in option screen and then paste to desired place in your comment form. I used span tag so that I can have in-line text message, if you want to have toggle button in separate line then use DIV inplace of SPAN tag.

See Live Demo of this plugin.

NOTE: This functionality is availble only on Textarea object/box in comment form.

Reader's Comments


    Works great, thank you


    बहुत अच्छा काम किया आपने, शुक्रिया :)


    great plugin. thanks a lot. can we incorporate this at the dashboard to write posts in indian languages?


    @baron, @RC – Thanks :)

    @Tom, Thanks. For this I think changed need to be done at wordpress core files and unfortunately I have not intension to make any such changes. If WordPress team do this in one of next realese then it would be wonderful. :)


    Dear Tarun,
    I would like to suggest the followings :

    1. Provide Changelog from previous version.
    2. After Update, when activating plugin, it provides “Invalid header” warning, but it works fine.
    3. Advanced use (button for language selection), must be automatic, means modifying comment template should be done by the plug-in itself. Think of doing it in next version.
    4. Add more Indic languages.
    5. A dedicated plug-in page (with forum)


    Hello Tarun,
    Thanks for the plugin. It is very useful. Could you please add the functionality to the search bar and comment name input boxes?


    I will see if I can do this in next version, thanks for suggestion.


    Sorry, I know here is not the place to contact you but I can’t find the URL to contact you…

    Hi, I saw your translation of a WordPress plug-in on the readme file it was included and I want to ask for a little favor, I’m the author of a plug-in to show video on WordPress and today I make a very important release, I currently have some translations but I think they can be better, can you help me with the translation on your language?

    Of course your name and web address will be included on the readme file and on the WordPress plug-in site, if you are able to make the translation send it to this email with the desire name and website address and will be added.

    Here is the URL where you can download the plug-in and in the langs subfolder is the “.po” file for the translation:

    Thanks a lot for your time.